Now is your time: Create

I’m invoking the Wild Muse within me to prepare for my online Art History course.

My muses name:Rose Candela.

Before you go away because this seems to much like other fluffy stuff you may have read in the past I want to invite you to stay. Because, this feeling of finding one’s self is a universal desire. I want you to have a passionate pursuit to find yourself.

First, here’s my current story:

I had an aha moment, and the moment has blown me away, brought me some self-doubt, and a few tears. But the message has been loud and consistent: even within my efforts for my Art business, I am still too masculine, linear, compacted, muscular, a+b=c. Too much get-it-done energy, often I way too hard on myself, and mostly, I’m not too not clear, at the end of the day, on what really drives me.

I have to let myself yield and surrender deeply to the mystery of life.

I came to this place of understanding by observing one of nature’s greatest mysteries. I was watching the great humpback whales dance in the Pacific and I was crying uncontrollably.

I was crying because these whales gave me the gift of a pause.wild muse whales

Slow, methodical, and with ease these massive mammals danced their dance.

The whales, and that moment, gave me a gift. I was given the gift of of peace.

This work I do is not all about my website stats, nor is all sitting and meditating all day long.

It’s about finding balance, and finding time to explore as I live this very short and precious life.

Right now, I’m in a place of being infused by the wild muse. I am allowing and accepting the muse, the almighty feminine mysterious power, to be my guide.

What drives me is to serve in the work I offer you is to empower women to be visionaries, to be radical creators, to live fully in their creative being bliss.

Whether this happens because my community gets inspired by my Art, by me being there as they literally give birth, or through me teaching on creative living, I don’t know.

I acceptingly don’t know what is best for you and your path, but I offer myself in this powerful ways to facilitate this creative life happening for you.

I came home from being on the road, and immediately (after a few days of intense rest!) updated this site to offer more of myself. I also changed my facebook business name to get rid of any one way to be defined. I was so tired of trying to be one thing for myself. I was so tired hiding underneath the advice of others and not listening to my gut. I was so tired of not stepping into my own mysterious light. 

Now, I am offering myself fully and clearly in a myriad of ways, with creativity and creative living running through my veins.

I invite you to do the same.

The path is just the path, it’s the feeling and intention and your embrace of the wild, mysterious muse that I want to see you gain.

I want you to roar with the wild muse inside of you.  I want it to be a roar that is from a place of loving the feminine mystery. 

The wild muse is you.

Your divine self. Your divine ways and place of understanding is your greatest teacher.

Go ahead. Create now.

Write that song, bake that bread, dance that dance, paint that painting, create that life.

Now is the time to create, be infused, and most of all…be you.

Now is your time: create.



Now is your time: Create

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