On the road: Arrival

::: short sweet musings as I invoke my wild muse while on the road this August :::

Travel is filled with arrivals. Arrivals to depart, arrivals to greet your beloveds, arrivals to explore a new sight.

One of the greatest lessons in travel is to arrive and stay arrived. Isn’t that such a hard idea to invoke?

For me, right now, I’ve settled in here. I’m fully on vacation, ok with being unsettled and living simply.

The secret is to not be pining for the next place.

Arrive fully when you arrive.

The secret is to breathe it all in and know that this is where I need to be. Even when in constant motion, the stillness is found within your own secret of being.

I invite you to arrive –
need not to arrive by departure or by the need leave something behind. Instead, arrive due to the yearning of the journey. Arrive due to the yearning of the feeling of arrival. Arrive due to your destination being you.

To your arrival ~


On the road: Arrival

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