Why I surrender

Embracing love, sitting in nature, a mother holding her crying child, helping those in need…these moments are all contain the essence of surrender.

When you surrender to the moment, you allow for it to unfold. You see the magic in the mystery and the unknown. You shed those protective layers that guard you instead of guide you.

Today, I am living from a place of surrender in my life. After returning from a month long vacation that took my being from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean in a few weeks, I have had to surrender to return fully home.

I learned and contemplated the idea of surrender while away.


I have had to surrender to love, from the big Almighty love to the love that fills my internal and external home. And as sweet as this sounds, it’s really tough at times to accept love, and be one that recognizes the experience of the moment is a surrender.

In order to create anything, I have had to surrender my expectations of the outcome. Questions like if I post this, will it sell this week, or if I word this online page this way, will it show up in search engines? don’t even matter to me at this time.

I have yielded into the place where I do my best work, give it my all, and then give it up; I surrender.

I surrender my need to wrap my identity into the amount I earn or my business earns. I am surrendering myself in order to untangle unhealthy habits from my being.

I met up with my dear friend yesterday who mirrors me in so many ways, and I hope and pray everyone has at least one or more people like her in their life. She and I told tales of shedding, of letting go of anxiety, and letting go of the illusion of stability from day jobs and corporate work.

It’s a time that many of us are experiencing and feeling surrender. This is why I surrender ~ I feel like nothing else will come unless I get out of the way and surrender.

Yes, surrender connotes for me all the negative stuff, like giving up or letting go or not winning. But you know what?

I let myself win when I surrender and trust my to life unfold. (Click that statement to tweet it!)

What do you think, can you surrender yourself to the moment in order to allow your most creative powers to unfold? I invite you to examine where you can surrender and explore the creative moment, today and always.

In support of your sweet surrender,

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Why I surrender

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