On the Road: Surrender

invoking:::A quick reflection of Invoking the Wild Muse as I am on the road this month:::

To experience travel right now is…

Saying goodbye to people you love, embracing the new sights, staying in the present, arriving to places you love, experiencing life with fresh eyes, and grieving the life that you desire to shed ~ and these feelings are teachers.

As you lasso yourself and your whole beautiful being into the now, these feelings are there to remind you of who you are and where you have come from.

Trust in the surrender to the message that the quiet brings to you.

As you tell your story, as you invoke your own wild muse, subtly recall all your creative powers. Experience your ability to shift the subject of your story with your words and expressions.

As I write this, in a deep in a state of awe for the love that surrounds me, there is quiet. I am listening.

My prayer is this:

O Divine Lord let me be a vessel that allows my gifts to shine. Let me invoke my weaknesses and strengths to be of an infinite wisdom path.

Change me, with ease and grace, into someone who trusts to listen to the silence and surrender.

Let me be a person who allows in the Divine plan of this sweet, sweet life.

I bow in and surrender deeply ~

On the Road: Surrender

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