Listening is an Act of Love

Happy first day of August ~ I feel like this year is flying by with lightning speed, don’t you?

I have been thinking lately about a theme that occurs in the audio archive program StoryCorps. A saying that the founder Dave Isay claims is that listening is an act of love, and that is something that comes across often in the story telling of the participants for StoryCorps.

Furthermore, last night I saw yoga teacher and author Matthew Sanford speak. And his topic, consequently, was about listening. I love when thoughts all sort of become synchronized, don’t you.

Matthew Sanford writes:

“Truly listen to someone.  Let them feel – in their bones –  that you are listening, even when you are not there to physically hear them.  This is a most wondrous gift to offer another.  I am reminded of an incredible take-away line from author and spiritual teacher Parker Palmer, ‘Listen someone into speech.’  I dare you to do this.”


Have you ever felt that, when you were really heard, the essence of listening is an act of love?

Have you ever given that to someone else, your undivided attention of listening?

Have you ever listened someone into speech?

Take time to notice how you listen. Are you an interrupter, feeling that you will never be heard unless you jump in the conversation? Are you the one that always needs the last word?

I personally have been blessed to come from a family that values the art of speech and conversing and listening. And in my adult life, I have had that around me with such great friends and now in my marriage.

I have it in the roots of my being to listen, though I also recognize my own need for growth in the art of listening, too.

There is so much “stuff” to get through some days, don’t you agree?

How can you, dear reader, take time to listen today? How can you listen someone into speech?

A huge element in all of this is the ability to listen to yourself. Listen to how you speak to yourself. Listen to what your gut instincts tell you to do.

Listening is an act of love, for yourself and for others.

One of my favorite assignments to give to during my coaching sessions is to observe and listen. It’s like the mind can take a vacation for a bit when you do this simple yet complex task.

After all, you have all you need to discover love within and without you–sometimes it just takes the simple act of listening to what is being said.

Listening you into speech,





PS~ Dear reader, I’ll be on vacation the ENTIRE month of August, so my blog won’t be updated. I haven’t had time to pre-schedule or pre-write any blogs. And I’m totally ok with that, though I know you look forward to these weekly musings. My suggestion to you: take long walks to clear your head, stay tuned for some amazing topics in September, and check out all my past blog writings here. Blessings!

Listening is an Act of Love

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