As February ends, I reflect

February dances into March, with a sweet southern snowstorm to grace our presence.

As I write this note, I have my accounting software open on my computer (tax season is here, oh my!). I am reflecting on this year since stepping into my art and coaching business full time, and wowsus ~ what a year! I have dusted off parts of myself that have been stored away in a corner of my soul. I have let parts of myself go that I used to hold onto because I thought they were my truth. This year has been a revealing and challenging and beautiful time for me. 

rose candela reflection

Every day, I think of how I can create a perspective for myself that finds beauty, goodness, and light even in the toughest of situations.

I listen to my heart, and she tells me what truly matters.


My heart tells me this, as I look forward to my future: I want to play it simple. I love to make messy paintings with total abandon. I love to coach women on living in creative flow. I love to dance. I love to cook delicious vegetarian meals that nourish me and my husband. I love to read books and be cozy and be inspired by the little things, everyday.

I seriously, truthfully, utterly have no idea what comes next for this upcoming time in my business. I’m pretty plan-less these days.

My ability to trust and surrender in that feeling of unknown is what guides me into the bright horizon of the future.

Thank you, from the fullness of my heart, for reading this today. I wouldn’t be at this place of sweet reflection without your interest, feedback, and support.

I bow with gratitude and appreciation to you.

Create beauty every day,






My affirmation jam these days:

“It is safe for me to be a strong, gentle being of power.” ~ Edwene Gaines

As February ends, I reflect

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