The good things list

In lieu of a blog this week, I’m bringing you a list. I’m honoring myself through this list, as I reflect on my upcoming birthday.

I am a big advocate for the seeking, seeing, and believing in the good things of life. I come at this from a place of realness, knowing and acknowledging that there are a bunch of things that aren’t super good that happen in life.

Yet, I believe that we have this beautiful power, our pure magic, to be able to choose what we focus upon. Why not choose to find the good in your life, and believe in it’s power to guide you to more good?

Choosing to look at the good is an act of gratitude.

I invite you to write out a list with the good things in your life. Create a space where you honor yourself as you explore the good that is you, right here and now. Here is a list of the good things I feel in my life right now:

1. First good thing: the air. The air I am breathing as I write this is full of the promise of Fall, and it’s freaking refreshing.

2. The life I am living. I am so grateful for my life and that every day I wake up feeling amazing.

3. Choosing my husband. My wedding anniversary is coming up, and right now I think about that day where my husband and I committed to one another in front of our family and close friends. I choose him and the good work that is our relationship every day. I care for him with every ounce of my soul.

4. You. I really don’t know how to say this, but your very being in my life + in my blog’s life is so special. To know you are reading this, and gathering some good for yourself…it makes my why of what I do so clear and motivating.

5. Art history. As you may know, Art history is a love of mine. The existence of this genre of study makes it easy to look at how art reflects cultures and people. Therefore, creating makes meaning and puts context into my life, and I am considering that a real good thing for this list.

6. Creativity. You know I couldn’t do a list without name dropping some creativity!!! Seriously, the pursuit of knowing and understanding creativity in your life is a worthy endeavor. It’s been life course altering for me, and I hope you find it brings you closer to you, too.

7. My family. I was born into an incredible family, a family that has a rich history and heritage. They are some solid people individually and collectively. My parents and sibling are the most consistent and good people I have ever known.  I am so thankful to call them mine. I have a new nephew coming in a few weeks, too. I am so excited. My in-laws are supportive and loving. Family, it means so much to me. This bond of love and blood fuels me every day.

8. Coloring. I recently started to color again, after giving up on the activity in my childhood. I couldn’t stay in the lines then (I still can’t) and thought I was doing it wrong. WELL, coloring has come back into my life as an activity that is meditative. And, I am creating my own set of coloring prints for you to color in, too. Coloring is incredible!

9. My senses. The ability to listen, see, smell, taste, touch and in general sense blows my mind. May I never take my senses for granted!

10. Mediation and prayer. My direct line to my inner sanctuary is in these two practices. Some days I totally forget they are resources available to me, but they ground me and bring me to me.

11. My tribe. By tribe I mean the people that hold the line of truth for me every time I look at them. My people, friends, my teachers, my loves. You all are a serious, and henceforth the last on this list, good thing in my life.

I want to invite you to write you good things list so soon. Start with one thing, and watch the list grow and good. Believe you can have good, all day every day. 11187264_10206822503218271_2802725469300830325_o

The good things list

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