creative energy

Where has all my creative energy gone?

My creative energy is going somewhere that it’s never been before. A new, nourishing, dark and wildly mysterious place holds all my creativity these days. Specifically, my creative energy has been staying in my womb to nourish a new life. I’m pregnant with my first babe! As I write this, I am well into the[…]

Giving permission

I am wearing a badge of busy these day. I wrestle with this badge, because I believe being “busy” is sometimes a cop-out for showing up for life. Or at least being busy was my excuse against living my life fully for a very long time. Sometimes, though, you are downright FILLED with the happening of your[…]

Rituals that keep me creatively rooted

In all the hats I wear (as an artist, a blogger, a doula, a mentor, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an auntie, + friend) I get disconnect from myself, my roots, from time to time. It’s easy in our busy life to forget the whole picture of our big, beautiful life. What I do[…]

Something I never thought I’d say

“I love being married to a divorced man,” I said to my sweet friend over a coffee date a few days ago. Wow, did I really say that out loud? Did I really admit to someone else besides my husband that I love and appreciate his past? Not only did I say it, I truly[…]

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