How are you using the soul of your creativity?

The soul of your creativity is abundant, free, and present.

Dear reader, how are you going to use your creative abilities today?

First off, I am not a big goal setting type of woman. I like to encourage my clients to find whatever routine and goal setting system that works for her, but I really don’t have the answers to what good goal setting looks like.

In fact, I’m not sure anyone really does know what that looks like.

YET, here are big keeping your creative soul in check tips to help you stay motivated.

I need these hints, all the time. Chances are you do, too:

Set up routine in order to stay consistent, show up for the muse, and have a firm foundation of creative self. Stay positive in all that you do ~ if your routine starts to feel like an obligation, then take some time away from it.

Keep asking yourself, what do I want to feel as I accomplish this goal?

Find a system of goal setting that works for you: paper list, calendar lists, to-do software, vision boards with images or words, renting a cabin for a weekend…whatever it is, really seek it and find it as your unique system.

Stay on track: Use your rituals to keep you grounded. Create a list of your creative goals. Go big with your goals, but then write out the small aspects of your goals into actionable tasks. Keep returning to the question: what is my desired feeling? 

Give yourself permission to distractions, procrastinations, and puttering. Notice, though, if you procrastinate because you don’t really want to be doing something, or if it’s because you need some space and time to think.

Accept where you are, and if you want to change it, change it!

Get rid of energy zappers: i.e: limiting beliefs, unhealthy work situations, too much time with technology, people who aren’t supportive, extra clutter in the house, too many volunteer commitments, non-nourishing food, and negative self-talk. Ask yourself what truly is taking away from you creating and living the life you want.

“Negative life choices steal your peace of mind and compromise your potential as a creative conduit.” ~ Gail McMeekin

Focus on positive priorities for yourself as you search for your creativity, such as:

time for creative exploration

acceptance of yourself

encouraging practices and routines to keep you centered

freedom to be who you are

sense of safety and security

finding a sense of balance and purpose

connecting with self care and physical care

freely enjoying activities that keep you inspired

And most of all, most of all ~ love yourself deeply throughout the process. See all of this as self care, and learning more about who you are.

To your creative, divine, awesome soul,

R o s e

How are you using the soul of your creativity?

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