This is what holds you back from creating your life


Let me start this one off with a question:

What holds you back from creating your life?

Is it not enough time? Is it a crappy job situation? Is it an unhealthy relationship you can’t say goodbye to?

I spent a lot of my early 20s feeling that if only ______ happened, then my life will be better.

I was a serial expectation-er. Meaning, I wanted the things, circumstances, and people to change so that I could feel better.

I’d say things like:

If only he would call me, then I will feel worthy of romantic love.

If only this job paid me a bit better, then I’d feel more valuable.

If only this city weren’t so loud, then I’d sleep soundly.

This cycle of thought is problematic to your life.

It’s hurtful to you, in the long run, because you give all your freaking incredible creative power away to things you can’t change.

When you give away your power to people/things/places you can’t control, you deplete your creative energy reserves.

What is one and the only thing that holds you back from creating your life?


You are incredibly powerful.

You are the agent of change you are seeking.

My job on this planet is to remind you that you can be at peace by creating your life.

You are an artist of your life. I don’t care if you can’t paint or dance or whatever you think you can/can’t do.

True artistry comes from tapping into the creative essence that is your LIFE.

Here is an example of how to simply reframe the if only _________ happened, then ______ cycle of thought.

Reframe your thought when the next if only/then scenario comes up. Say this to yourself:

If only I could change the way I think about _________, then I’d find more harmony right now.

And petition, to your sisters, to your coach, to God your desire filled want to shift your thinking.

Ask for help in becoming that person who can, with conviction, reframe her hurtful thoughts.

Scream on top of a mountain and let all the if/thens go in your life.

Roar it out, beautiful, because you can and will create your life.

T O D A Y.

I see you, creating in all aspects of your world.

Now is the time to create deliberately, with trust, and in love with your gorgeous life.

R o s e

This is what holds you back from creating your life

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