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How to make a work schedule

I have been in business for myself for cumulatively 9 years. In the past 2 years, I shifted my business into focusing on only my coaching and art, instead of archiving and artist assistant work. Often, what I hear from others who are starting out their solo business is the question of how do I make a[…]

Overcoming Obligation Overwhelm

As a creative entrepreneur, you pulse between being obliged by outside forces and being obliged by what you set yourself up to do. For instance, in running my own business sometimes I get cold requests from this site for either being a mentor or doing a custom piece of art. This is an example of[…]

I’ve done it again

Tomorrow night I am displaying my art + giving a talk about my creative process.  Often, I get to this point in my art making that I don’t know if anything I create is good anymore. As I prepare for my night of exhibition, I see that my feelings are magnified by the vulnerability of showing[…]

Patience is a Virtue

But certainly isn’t mine as of late… Let me clarify and say, patience with myself is not my greatest strength: I admit this, I see it, I own it.  But, patience with others, now that’s my jam. I can peacefully sit vigil for 36 hours without sleep while a woman becomes a mother giving birth. I know[…]

Am I real if I am not making money?

Overall, I can say that the answer to the question “Am I real if I am not making money?” is YES. But, about 2 years ago I decided to peel away the layers of myself.  Shortly after I got married, I decided to deeply look at what I wanted to be doing with my work life. My husband[…]

Hitching Happiness to a Happening

I had a revelation this morning. I, like many of us, wait for my expectations to occur in order to then become happy. Ohhh, this is so challenging to admit to you, because I teach VERY topic of expectations and being rid of they to almost all of my clients. (truth: I never ever claim[…]

When you miss the opportunity of a lifetime

Or perhaps you did not… Words have an incredible power over the utter and ultimate creative course of our life. We create our experience, meaning and story through word. Lately, I have liberally been saying the word no to the things that don’t feel right for my life and for my business. In the moment,[…]

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