Divine Feminine

Are you afraid of the dark?

An invocation for your creative dreams to be born… As a people, we often bully the dark. I hear from my clients the deep struggle with the dark, coming forth as fearful thoughts or doubt. The collective belief is that engaging the darkness is often considered bad or wrong or destructive. There is so much emphasis on[…]

Feminine Energy and the Creative Journey

Mystery, letting go, wild, surrender, acceptance. These are the words that run through my blog lately. Why do I write so much about this on this website, a website devoted to you accessing your creative powers? Because, I believe deeply in the feminine mystery. All my paths of life have lead me here, from my[…]

The Mystery of Conception

Sometimes, I’d like to believe we live in a predictable world, a world that has many a +b = c  moments. But then I’d think, that predictability would be pretty freaking boring, right? Truth be told, there really isn’t much that is that predictable, anyways. As many of us know, our life can change in[…]

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