Today, Create with abandon

When I thinking of creativity, I like to think of it as a presence in my life. Because of this, creativity feels like it has it’s own agenda. One way I describe this, especially to my clients who are experiencing a creative dry period, is to think of creativity as the seasons of the year.[…]

Sometime’s it’s the smallest things

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that stop you suddenly in your tracks. Yesterday, when I was walking outside I came across these tiny flowers sprouting out their branches. Being that it was the first day of Autumn yesterday, I was so enamored by the subtle beauty of a new flower. At first I was going to[…]

I’ve done it again

Tomorrow night I am displaying my art + giving a talk about my creative process.  Often, I get to this point in my art making that I don’t know if anything I create is good anymore. As I prepare for my night of exhibition, I see that my feelings are magnified by the vulnerability of showing[…]

Connection lost

My computer mouse today kept repeating this message to me this morning as I tried to finish up a few adjustments on my website. Truth be told, I lost my connection to my inner guidance as I tore down and rebuilt aspects of my site. When this connection lost message kept coming up on my[…]

Hitching Happiness to a Happening

I had a revelation this morning. I, like many of us, wait for my expectations to occur in order to then become happy. Ohhh, this is so challenging to admit to you, because I teach VERY topic of expectations and being rid of they to almost all of my clients. (truth: I never ever claim[…]

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