Sometime’s it’s the smallest things

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that stop you suddenly in your tracks.

Yesterday, when I was walking outside I came across these tiny flowers sprouting out their branches.

Being that it was the first day of Autumn yesterday, I was so enamored by the subtle beauty of a new flower.


At first I was going to keep going past the flower, but instead I stopped. I knelt down to embrace the moment. I snapped this photo, and felt very thankful for this small gift.

This moment sparked my thoughts around the subtle, small, tiny details of life that often blow us away.

The unexpected smile from a stranger, the smell of fresh Fall air coming through your windows, the fallen feather that happens to be on your doorstep; these small things create a pause in us all. Artful living is found in the pause.

Or, it’s the constant and consistent small actions that create the biggest results in our life.

Show up every day for 20 minutes to do a sketch. Over time your sketch book will be filled.

Sit for meditation for 10 minutes a day. Soon you will feel the result of such deep inner peace.

Do one thing every day to build your creative business, and over time you will have an steady business foundation.

This blog is a homage to the tiny things that create my days. I am not a person who lives for the dramatic. Instead it’s the subtle beauty, the quiet moments, the untold tale that brings the most meaning to my days.

When you stop often to appreciate that life is built around the details, you can appreciate that you are creating the life you want in the details.

To the unique beauty that, when you open yourself to the moment, can shift your course to a better day: thank you.


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Sometime’s it’s the smallest things

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