soul cycle

Why do you feel nostalgic?

I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately.   While there are moments that sinking into past memories feels good – in the big picture, getting caught in the memory loop doesn’t always feel good.   In context of our Soul Cycles, nostalgia is a function of the Seeking cycle – a cycle that comes up when we[…]

Grieving what you need to grieve

I’ve been grieving the loss of a plant. It kind of feels absurd to write this, giving that there’s much more in the world going on to grieve about. Yet, I’m grieving the loss of a plant.  It died in the 10 degree weather when I moved into my new home.  This was a 35[…]

I cried in the grocery store parking lot

and found my strength again… Yesterday, I sat in the grocery store parking lot and cried. I cried because of exhaustion, I cried because everything felt so heavy, I cried because I really didn’t know how to go forward. I felt conflict upon conflict internally, and it was weighing me down. I teach acceptance that[…]

Practice being seen

A few days ago, I showed my son a drawing I was working on, and he smiled and giggled.  He then proceeded to do what he was doing, and me too. I am working on letting my son see my life. You know, the stuff that isn’t just me being his keeper and running around from[…]

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