Love is Letting Go

Love is not clingy. Love is not about holding tight. Love is not dependency. Love is letting go. Dear one, I write this to you as an invitation. I write this as a lesson I’ve learned with loving myself. I think one of the reasons I became a doula and a mentor and an artist[…]

How to Make the Best out of the Worst

Being human, we are all part of the stuffs of life – love, heartache, careers, searching, success, failure…etc. And inherent in the stuffs of life are the best and the worst case scenarios. What if you could simply be free from the worst case scenarios? What if you could be rid of all that aches[…]

Pre-Pregnancy Planning: How will I know?

Pre-Pregnancy Planning For many of life’s changing stages, the change just happens to us. For instance, we turn 21–a milestone age in American culture, just by the natural process of aging. Granted, free will is a large part of all our milestones, but there are some that do just happen to us. But to decide[…]

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