Theory vs. Experience

Oh goodness.

Lately, on my minute musings, I’m really fired up about a few things.

For instance, how I’m not really career motivated.

It feels like a confession as a woman, who knows how much fight has been fought to get us to even a place at the table, I’m not motivated to move up the ladder.

And this post, where I discuss theory vs. experience in art making.

According to a poll I did with my instagram community, 100% of you are experience oriented with your learning.

I also had a special guest in my series this week. Spoiler alert, it’s my partner in life Jason!

I’ve been really enjoying the quick format of a 2 minute message to you.

While I cook up some other things for the future, using the alchemical process of creation and rest, I hope you can find some connection in these minute musings.

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Theory vs. Experience

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