Minute musings

rose candela

Do you have a minute? Or two?

I’ve begun a new series where I’m coming to you for about 120 seconds (sometimes shorter) to talk about what’s up.

What’s up with life, art, being human during this time.

I’ve started this in order to document things I’m thinking, or musing, on.

This is a facet of my project, Document your Days, where I simply want to make meaning during this extreme time.

Check out a few here:

Releasing dependency with the world out there

Closing the gap by looking backwards

The way you create is normal

We thrive with predictability

These short videos will live on instagram for a while, and I’ll also be sharing them here for you.

Why do minute musings? Because your life is full, but you crave pops of inspiration. Because you need to hear the human things we’re all going through, but maybe no one is saying.

Because you may need to hear this daily:

You’re everything you need.

I appreciate you with all my heart.

You’re not alone.

Together, we’re doing this.


Minute musings

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