Try doing this instead of a resolution for the new year

I’m in the midst of moving my 900 square foot home, with a toddler. This home includes 2 home offices, as well.

To say that most days I’m daunted at the task of packing and moving is an understatement.

Yet, I’ve been finding moments of peace and even life lessons amidst the chaos. 

Here are some things I’ve reflected on:

I’m looking back on photos of my life from the previous several decades. One emotion that keeps coming up is a celebratory: look how far you’ve come.

I can handle the tough stuff of life differently than I used to, my art has evolved, my body and soul is now of motherhood rather than maidenhood.

I’m so blown away for the wild journey that is being human to bring me here.

Another emotion, as I go through my photos, is: look how you’re still that same.

In the same celebratory tone, I almost feel a sense of relief acknowledging this sameness.

At times I think of my past self and yearn to be her again – free to sleep in until whenever, making steady money with a job, and well rested (do you sense a theme of sleepiness today?).

So, looking at my old self and realizing: I am her is intensely freeing. It ushers in that acceptance of my life, imperfectly perfect, I crave from day to day.

As the new year turns in a few weeks, here’s what I invite you to do instead of looking back and wishing things were different or wishing they were the same.

Say to you previous year:

Thank you.

Easier said than done, right?

That’s all I’m planning to do to enter into the new year – is to say thank you to 2017.

Thank you is an acknowledgment that your life is full of things that can’t be explained. 

Thank you is kinder than being grateful because it doesn’t force you into feeling happy about your life when things aren’t so.

Thank you allows you for to breath and accept the rhythm and timing of your life. 

I’m all for setting goals and obtaining what we want. That’s why I created my goal setting guide a few years ago – because I believe that setting a goal is a fine art.

I believe saying thank you is the foundation for any goal setting you get into. 

Tell me, are you ready to say thank you to 2017 for all its gifts and sorrows?

Are you willing to see good and bad as necessary to you being who you are at this very moment? 

I’m ready and not ready. I’m on the path with you. Let’s embrace and figure it out together, shall we?

Thank you. 


I did a video log about this very topic in my private FB group a few days ago. To get full access, all you need to do is click this link and the instructions will be sent to your email. I can’t wait to see you there! 


Try doing this instead of a resolution for the new year

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