Unlock your answers

When I dive deep into myself, or as I like to say when I google scan my internal network of knowing, I find my answers.

This is diving deep, this uncovering, this unlocking of self…this is at the core of what I do, and this is at the core of what my business practice contains:

I am a space holder for your feelings.

I allow and witness your joyous revelations.

I ask you questions that will guide your decisions and thoughts.

I watch you birth your baby.

I watch you birth your creative dreams.

I share my own lessons once I find their universal truth.


I teach you to follow your emotions.

I help you see your unique creative freedom in expression.

I trust you to lift your own veil and find your own truth.

I guide you into feeling that your life has purpose and meaning.

I desire to see you thrive so that we can all continue to thrive.

I believe in you to unlock your answers.

I know you are worthy of living a good and beautiful life.

At this point in my business, it’s clear to me that I want to teach you to unlock your answers.

Today, I am happy to share that I’ve alchemically joined together all my pre-pregnancy coaching, one-on-one creativity coaching, and gladly announce my mentorship programs made just for you, beautiful being.


I take the age old idea of mentorship and stretch it into a holistic approach of you. I see you as the teacher, the one with all the answers.

I will guide you during the 1, 3 or 6 months of our time together. I give you all I’ve got from years of aiding artists in their career and being a birth Doula, to allow for your personal unique creative path to unfold.

I have chocked these mentorship programs to be overflowing with valuable tools to unlock your answers, as well as one-on-one time with me as your personal coach.

If you are interested in my mentorship offerings, please click around this page to find out what works for you. If you have hesitation, or if you are in a financially tight time, please send me a note. You deserve this self care time, and I’d love to help you find out how to make it happen in your big and beautiful life.

I deeply and completely believe in you,



Unlock your answers

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