We need each other

In the wake current events that have broken mine and a million hearts, I’m stepping away from my normal blog plan today.

Goodness, we need each other.

We need connection, community, and a sense of belonging.

What I see in life, now and with a historical perspective, is we live with so much disconnection between one another.

It’s as if a lack of community and connection is our new national deficit. Maybe it always has been this way?

If we saw the person sitting next to us in a subway as ourself, how would we treat her differently?

If we valued kindness and compassion above who is right, how would we as a people and a country be different?

If we taught our children that we are deeply connected, not just by DNA but by our very gift being here, how would what we read in the papers be different?

I do not know the answers.

But, I do know that what makes a difference to me is to view the world as whole and complete.

Today, I dare you to smile at a stranger. Smile at someone who you don’t know  when your eyes meet in a moment.

The simple act of reverence with a smile can radically shift another’s day.

Perhaps that one moment of kindness it will shift his life, actions, and belief about fellow humans.

For me, in times of depression (which does happen from time to time) when a small act of kindness comes my way, it’s as if a spell of internal disconnection gets broken.

Connection to another breaks the spell of an inner rage & fire.

It’s as if that tiny yet radical connection reminds us that we are alone in this wild and uncertain and at times scary world.

I challenge you:

Connect to a stranger.

Stop reading gossipy blogs. Even those seemingly harmless words disconnect us from one another.

Teach your children that kindness is incredibly valuable.

Build your reverent based tribe so that when one of us needs help, we know where to go.

Remind yourself that there is nothing that separates you from that other person across the world. Nothing.

We need each other.

thanks to a homily given by Fr. Boyd at the Basilica of St. Lawrence on Sunday June 21st for inspiration in this blog

We need each other

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