Being an Entrepreneur

How to keep doing stuff without praise

You know, day in and out, we live in this world of doing stuff. Work stuff, parenting stuff, marriage stuff, inter-personal stuff, sharing our life on social media stuff. What do you do when you are sharing your life’s work stuff (like in the entrepreneur realm) and you don’t think anyone is listening? This week’s vlog[…]

Finding Balance in Work and Life

My work and life balance tips and so much more… I’ll be honest. I haven’t felt myself in the past couple of months. I had no idea in the world that I was a worker girl. Meaning, I thought I had a big sense of myself outside of my work, my paycheck, that someone needing[…]

Where are my emails?

Ok, this may sound like a mail server specific write up. Dear google, I can’t see my messages… But it’s not that type of ‘where are my emails’ question. This is a blog post about finding self value. Here it is: My husband Jason and I were having our sweet morning moments: tea, breakfast, how[…]

The Action of Arrival

So, you know the story. Wake up, go to work, do your best work, come home. Rinse & repeat, Monday through Friday. I did this for years. I am very lucky that I figured out, about 5 years ago, that an 8-5 desk job at a computer makes me feel like I’m a dim light.[…]

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