Pre-Pregnancy Planning: How will I know?

Pre-Pregnancy Planning For many of life’s changing stages, the change just happens to us. For instance, we turn 21–a milestone age in American culture, just by the natural process of aging. Granted, free will is a large part of all our milestones, but there are some that do just happen to us. But to decide[…]

Life, Creativity and the missing links

It’s time for some Creativity Coaching for myself! I love my life. I was born into an incredible family, I am healthy, and I’m married to the man of my dreams. On top of all of that, I just took this HUGE step to follow my bliss and focus on my Art and coaching business.[…]

The Action of Arrival

So, you know the story. Wake up, go to work, do your best work, come home. Rinse & repeat, Monday through Friday. I did this for years. I am very lucky that I figured out, about 5 years ago, that an 8-5 desk job at a computer makes me feel like I’m a dim light.[…]

A Tea Lifestyle

A.K.A how tea has changed my entire world in 4 big moments I write to proclaim: tea has changed my life. I like to call what I live now, a tea lifestyle. How can a sweet little Camellia Sinesis plant change my lifestyle, you ask? I was able to quit drinking coffee after 13 years[…]

Follow the Yes. Don’t wait for the No.

Today, I write to you about 3 things: Follow what you know is right Trust your childhood curiosity Make your statement positive A few days ago, I watched this great talk by the amazing Seth Godin. Godin emphasizes to young Creative entrepeurs to follow what he/she knows right (the yes), versus waiting for someone else[…]

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