Tea Lifestyle

Creating a Tea Tradition

3 steps to creating the best tea tradition in your life I believe in traditions and rituals. I think having and knowing your tradition keeps you tied to your lineage, your life feels more meaningful, and you can have these traditions to pass on to next generations. There are many traditions that I hold so[…]

Tea Facts

Follow my tea facts on Facebook by liking me here, and use the hashtag #tealove to let me know you are learning something as fresh as your pot of tea! I am revealing a new tea fact every week, based on my new research adventures. The tea facts will all be listed here: 1. During[…]

What your Tea says about You

A new take on tea readings… I love tea. In case you did not notice this about me, let me proclaim this loudly: I love tea. Tea has shifted my body, my lifestyle, and has given me a new focus on my artistic creations. So, in this week’s post I’m keeping it light and fun.[…]

A Tea Lifestyle

A.K.A how tea has changed my entire world in 4 big moments I write to proclaim: tea has changed my life. I like to call what I live now, a tea lifestyle. How can a sweet little Camellia Sinesis plant change my lifestyle, you ask? I was able to quit drinking coffee after 13 years[…]

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