This drives me bonkers about my industry

I make art. I talk about the creative process as a way to know yourself.

The things I do and teach fall into the self growth/self improvement industry.

And here’s something I’ve noticed, something that drives me absolutely bonkers.

You’re on the path to knowing yourself. You grow, you cry, you change.

You come to another level of knowing yourself. You grow, you cry, you change.

Then…you’re told to be the best you. Live life in alignment with your truth. Don’t work a desk job and be tied to salary.

You’re told: become an entrepreneur. That’s where the truest freedom.

And that, my love, is what drives me bonkers.

Your creative spirit doesn’t have to become a commodity.

In fact, a lot of women email me or become my clients because they’ve followed the self improvement into business path. And then, something doesn’t quite feel right.

Maybe it’s because their new business didn’t generate income.

Maybe it’s because their creative spark left the minute they started to do a biz hustle.

Maybe it’s because their insta posts don’t get a lot of traction, even though they took that class on being instagrammable, and that triggers all their self worth stuff.

It drives me crazy and it’s where I find myself today:

I’m here to remind you that you can create. Period.

You can have a hobby and that’s enough.

You can make a mark just for yourself, and you’re still an artist.

Check out this 7 minute video where I talk more about how going pro isn’t the next thing you need to do with your art.

And I address all your but/ands/what ifs in this blog, so know that if you want to become a professional artist, I see you.

Your work can still make an impact in this world if it’s only for you.

Interested in making art for you – and for the sake of honoring your creative spirit? Join my making and mentoring program, and find joy again in making art for yourself.

Embracing you with my full heart –

R o s e

This drives me bonkers about my industry

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing that you resonate, Rosalia. I appreciate you!

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