Rose Candela: Virtual Assistant for Creative Entrepreneurs

Hungry to express yourself with more time on your hands?
Overwhelmed with computer information while dealing with your business?
I’m here to help you find more time to express your Creative Spirit as I virtually assist you with your needs.
I work virtually (from my home office in communication with you at your studio) and can help you with the following:
  • Coaching and aided your business strategies
  • Updating and maintaining Social Media sites and pages
  • Interfacing with potential clients and client questions during product launch
  • Interfacing and answering website emails/inquiries
  • Editing for grammatical errors and citing inconsistency in your writings
  • Maintaining online/cloud storage of digital images, statements, etc.
  •  Guidance in overall Archiving plan with individual Artists or studios

My goal is to help Artists have an easier time with the details of his or her Art business practice with clear and comprehensive organizational and archiving assistance.

I work for you per request: Send me a request you have for a specific project. For instance, I need extra help interfacing with my new clients for my e-course. I will then send you a quote based on your needs during your specific time frame.

Ready to make a change in your Creative life?

Send me a note here to schedule a free consultation over email or telephone about your needs.


Rose Candela: Virtual Assistant for Creative Entrepreneurs

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