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The Best Kept Secret for Public Speaking

I am back from the Big Easy, and that’s exactly how I am feeling. Easy. In the flow. Allowing. Relaxed. My husband, Jason, taught a great yoga class this morning on how leaving routine behind can really be refreshing, and upon returning to your day to day life, you have a new lens to look at everything In other[…]

How to say goodbye with Style

Don’t you just love the image of a nice present, wrapped with a pretty bow, ready to be given away? I am living in this image. I am getting ready to take the most final-final steps to close the chapter on my archiving work. This work has been my career for many years! I will be giving a presentation[…]

How to clean dirty film & slides–archivally!!

This little cleaning solution has been my archiving dream come true. I deal with cleaning a lot of slides that have weather damage, contain dirt & finger smudges.  The PEC-12 solution works magic! It’s non-water based, so it’s also an archival method of cleaning your film. Works on: negatives, slides, & prints What you need:[…]

Name those Digital Files!

Ever in a crunch for a digital file and not quite sure what you named it? Creating a system to name your files will help you TREMENDOUSLY. Believe me. I’ve been there, and done that–and now I am pledging to myself and my clients to change those digital file naming ways. So, here is an[…]

What is an Archive?

The word archive is used a lot in our modern technology world, like in our email folder–heck we can even archive our facebook profiles! I love that archive is a widespread term, but when I talk about working with Artists archives, I often get a big ol’ ‘HUH’??? face in return. So, what does it[…]

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