Your Summer forecast: what to expect

Hi beloved one.

In the northern hemisphere, it’s the season of summer.

Like all things in life, the seasons have a bit of good, and a bit of not so good.

Here are a few things I’m expecting for us to feel during this season.

🌅 Heat. There’s heat in the air, and goodness some days it’s intense. In a way, the heat calls us to take shelter much like the cold of the winter does.

Heat in our bodies relates to our belly – our ability to metabolize and transform food into energy.

Check in: how’s your belly feeling these days? What foods bring you energy and what foods weigh you down? How do you feel, in general, about the core of your body? Take note of your feelings — they are your guides right now.

🛏 Restless rest: If you’re a moon lover like me, you’ll may notice on the nights where the moon is full you wake up a lot, have crazy dreams, or will be losing sleep all together.

Summer sleep is a bit like full moon sleep. Partially because of the heat, partially because it’s daylight 16 hours of the day, this time is not for hibernation. Find ways to relax during the day, or better yet — nap when you can. I often am taking a 10 or 30 minute nap while my son naps. It’s been good to relearn surrender. 

🌿 Overgrowth: When we don’t tend to our lawns or tend to the thoughts of our inner landscape then overgrowth happens, and it can be overwhelming to look at and to try to maintain. 

So, whether it’s a feeling you don’t want to deal with, or a patch of weeds that are getting out of hand here’s what you can ask yourself: what is here? how can I approach it?

📝 Planning: Summertime is a great time to put systems in place. Also, there’s a bit of extra chaos that can arise. Take time this summer to plan and prepare.

If you feel chaos in your day, start to observe when the chaos is the most intense for you in a 24 hour period. Is it in the morning getting ready for work? Plan a bit with the intention of having easier days. Think just one small step ahead, like laying out the clothes for your family the night before. Observe and try to see what works best for you. 

The key to this is to remember to not be too hard on yourself with whatever the outcome of your planning may be.

👁 Being seen. Now is time of embodiment, being seen, get outside, attend parties and in general show us who you are. Nature is full and bright, and you may feel that internally, too. You may feel a bit vulnerable and raw now, too. Make sure to stay hydrated, and keep returning to quiet when it gets overwhelming.

Embrace the season that reveals as much as it teaches us to be discerning with what we see.

📯 An announcement about being seen. I want to stay in integrity to you, my beloved reader, and also honor the season of my life. For the past 7 years or so, I’ve written weekly on my blog (besides for a few months around my maternity leave). You know what? It’s not working for me anymore. How do I know that? I’m feeling resentful and overwhelmed when I post blogs — or the weeks that I don’t do it I feel I’ve failed somehow.

I’m moving to a bi-monthly blog that will be longer, with a bit more research and layers. It’s what I want and feel you yearning for deeper content, too. This blog will appear on or around the new moon and full moon of every month. (this post goes public June 28th, and the next blog will be live July 12)

In short, summer is a great time to rest, restore, and bask in the results of all your hard work. If you want to create with the season, it’s a time to put the details on your projects/launches/new courses or to finish a painting, court new clients, or finish that last chapter in your book.

How are you embracing your summer? And, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, here and here are a few articles for you to prepare for the winter season ahead. 

As always, I embrace you and whatever season your soul may be. 

R o s e

Your Summer forecast: what to expect

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