Why I surrender

Embracing love, sitting in nature, a mother holding her crying child, helping those in need…these moments are all contain the essence of surrender. When you surrender to the moment, you allow for it to unfold. You see the magic in the mystery and the unknown. You shed those protective layers that guard you instead of guide[…]

The Best Kept Secret for Public Speaking

I am back from the Big Easy, and that’s exactly how I am feeling. Easy. In the flow. Allowing. Relaxed. My husband, Jason, taught a great yoga class this morning on how leaving routine behind can really be refreshing, and upon returning to your day to day life, you have a new lens to look at everything In other[…]

Finding the Love of your Life

again, and again, and again and again…. This blog post is about love. It’s about me finding the love of my life. But what really lies behind these words is a journey of finding the self love and self worth. I adore my husband to the moon and back. I could write page after page[…]

The Action of Arrival

So, you know the story. Wake up, go to work, do your best work, come home. Rinse & repeat, Monday through Friday. I did this for years. I am very lucky that I figured out, about 5 years ago, that an 8-5 desk job at a computer makes me feel like I’m a dim light.[…]

Your Beauty Runs Deep

I have run the gamut of emotions since embarking upon the journey of becoming a doula. From experiencing emotional highs (nervous excitement) to lows (self-doubt), I believe that is all part of the cycle that my brain and soul takes to process new information. I’ve been digesting tons of new material. I finished my basic[…]

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