What to do when you’re bored

Well, first off — stop googling what to do when you’re bored. And…be bored. I promise you’ll make it through… The other day I was sitting a table in whole foods while my son ate his delicious snack. And I did something radical, ya’ll. I sat there. I didn’t check my phone. I didn’t wish[…]

I don’t want you to be a professional artist

disclaimer: if you want to be a professional artist, I support you. But first, please read… Dear creative one, The next step after falling in love with your creativity isn’t making it big as a professional artist. The next step after falling in love is listening to your creativity. Your art doesn’t have to make[…]

A lesson in finding my answers

A journey to find the right answer, right now… I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my online public persona. In example, for years I used an alias name for most of my online accounts because I didn’t want anyone to truly see me. I am introverted and painfully private at times, so staying under[…]

Finding creativity in the quiet

Happy leap day, dear one. Time, space and the quiet within feels really important to me lately. I am finding the void of doing to be one of the most inspiring thing for my lately. I have been in a major surrender mode lately. Because: I am in the last couple of months of pregnancy,[…]

The truth about creative block

What creative block can teach you about your purpose and intuition…   A few years ago, the book War of Art by Steven Pressfield was recommend to me to read, since my main study and passion is all things creativity and art. For the new year, I decided to dive into this simple yet wise piece[…]

Today, Create with abandon

When I thinking of creativity, I like to think of it as a presence in my life. Because of this, creativity feels like it has it’s own agenda. One way I describe this, especially to my clients who are experiencing a creative dry period, is to think of creativity as the seasons of the year.[…]

Practice Should-less days

Recently, I was listening to a podcast where actress Ellen Burstyn talked about her practice of regaining her composure after a busy time. How does she do so? Ms. Burstyn prescribes herself should-less days, where she frees herself from obligation for a full day. Lately, I have been in a should-less period of my life. After[…]

What if you loved your body?

I see a direct link between self-care and creativity. I believe the two don’t exist without one another. I hope you find some wisdom and love for yourself in each word. Today, what if you loved your body? What if you really, truly, unconditionally loved this vessel that houses your creative spirit? Would your world change completely[…]

We all go through it

As cold weather is creeping into the corners of my home, and I am reminded of a few themes at this time of year: getting cozy, and the delight of gathering indoors with beloveds cool and frosty mornings with daytime sunshine that feels like the purest gift burrowing deep into the cave of my soul to[…]

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