Self Love

How to keep doing stuff without praise

You know, day in and out, we live in this world of doing stuff. Work stuff, parenting stuff, marriage stuff, inter-personal stuff, sharing our life on social media stuff. What do you do when you are sharing your life’s work stuff (like in the entrepreneur realm) and you don’t think anyone is listening? This week’s vlog[…]

The truth about what I want

Recently, I was going through a rough patch, as we all do from time to time. Important relationships were appearing in my life like relation-shits (as my dear friend Jana Kellam teaches), several of my mechanical tools broke within 24 hours, and I was fearful and stressed about all the details of my life. Honestly,[…]

A love affair

This love affair like all others you know. Inspecting all the smallest aspects that you love about your love… Being love struck and forgetting about other priorities… Lots of private time to out what your chemistry is like… But, here’s the one part that may be different than all other love affairs you’ve experienced. This[…]

Feminine Energy and the Creative Journey

Mystery, letting go, wild, surrender, acceptance. These are the words that run through my blog lately. Why do I write so much about this on this website, a website devoted to you accessing your creative powers? Because, I believe deeply in the feminine mystery. All my paths of life have lead me here, from my[…]

Love is Letting Go

Love is not clingy. Love is not about holding tight. Love is not dependency. Love is letting go. Dear one, I write this to you as an invitation. I write this as a lesson I’ve learned with loving myself. I think one of the reasons I became a doula and a mentor and an artist[…]

How to Make the Best out of the Worst

Being human, we are all part of the stuffs of life – love, heartache, careers, searching, success, failure…etc. And inherent in the stuffs of life are the best and the worst case scenarios. What if you could simply be free from the worst case scenarios? What if you could be rid of all that aches[…]

Pre-Pregnancy Planning: How will I know?

Pre-Pregnancy Planning For many of life’s changing stages, the change just happens to us. For instance, we turn 21–a milestone age in American culture, just by the natural process of aging. Granted, free will is a large part of all our milestones, but there are some that do just happen to us. But to decide[…]

Planning Pregnancy

When the topic of planning pregnancy is approached, it seems like there are a lot of hard and fast tips out there to get you and your body ready for conception. But what do you do when you know all the things ( ie: stop smoking/drinking, get on a healthy diet track, modify exercise…etc.) but[…]

The importance of beginner’s mindset

I’m really excited about this topic of a beginner’s mind ~ but the other day I was literally in tears over it. Back story: I took an amazing leather hand stitching class taught by Karie Reinerston of Shelter Collective. She owns an incredible shop in West Asheville, the Shelter Collective Shop, which houses her and[…]

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