Art process

How to Make the Best out of the Worst

Being human, we are all part of the stuffs of life – love, heartache, careers, searching, success, failure…etc. And inherent in the stuffs of life are the best and the worst case scenarios. What if you could simply be free from the worst case scenarios? What if you could be rid of all that aches[…]

The importance of beginner’s mindset

I’m really excited about this topic of a beginner’s mind ~ but the other day I was literally in tears over it. Back story: I took an amazing leather hand stitching class taught by Karie Reinerston of Shelter Collective. She owns an incredible shop in West Asheville, the Shelter Collective Shop, which houses her and[…]

Please make ugly Art

Today, make something ugly. Do it from your heart, but please make ugly art. Make sure it make you say “bleh” when you look at it. Ok, ok, ok. You’ve got me, I’m not serious. I really want you to make things that you find and feel are beautiful. After all-I claim “create beauty” to[…]

My Art Making Process

Last week, my beloved sister-in-law took a moment to publicly thank me, among some other creative minds, for shining the light on the path of being able to creatively go for it. I was humbled beyond words, because–to me this is my life service. To create, to share beauty, to live from that place of[…]

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