Living an Artist Life

On coming out of the closet with my artist life… “Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” ~ Erica Jong I am an artist. I live an artist life.  I don’t know why, but that phrase has been so intense to fully[…]

Why I surrender

Embracing love, sitting in nature, a mother holding her crying child, helping those in need…these moments are all contain the essence of surrender. When you surrender to the moment, you allow for it to unfold. You see the magic in the mystery and the unknown. You shed those protective layers that guard you instead of guide[…]

Finding Balance in Work and Life

My work and life balance tips and so much more… I’ll be honest. I haven’t felt myself in the past couple of months. I had no idea in the world that I was a worker girl. Meaning, I thought I had a big sense of myself outside of my work, my paycheck, that someone needing[…]

Living a Creative Life – My one Simple Step

On how living a creative life is achieved, but is the opposite of all I’ve done… Go. Hurry. Finish. To-do. Achieve. Be on time. Goals. Plans. Go. I am writing this blog post yoga class bliss. My friend, teacher, and a delightful influence in my life, Deirdre Smith-Gilmer has created a great community for exploring[…]

The Best Kept Secret for Public Speaking

I am back from the Big Easy, and that’s exactly how I am feeling. Easy. In the flow. Allowing. Relaxed. My husband, Jason, taught a great yoga class this morning on how leaving routine behind can really be refreshing, and upon returning to your day to day life, you have a new lens to look at everything In other[…]

30 ways to see Beauty

There’s a lot of talk about beauty in life. Often, when we hear the word beauty we think of the physical beauty or symmetry instead of what is right in front of our eyes. Today, I want to propose an idea to you: What if everything you experience is beauty? All you experience is BEAUTY[…]

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