Living Creatively

Unlock your answers

When I dive deep into myself, or as I like to say when I google scan my internal network of knowing, I find my answers. This is diving deep, this uncovering, this unlocking of self…this is at the core of what I do, and this is at the core of what my business practice contains:[…]

What exactly is creativity?

Hmmmm….the word creativity is used a lot these days. It can mean innovation, it can mean a solution to a problem, it can mean a spark or an “aha” moment that comes into our being. In this video, I break down what I believe creativity to mean. In short, I want you to own your[…]

Time Management for Creative People

Time management for Creative People As I sit here, and approach this blog, my journal is laid out before me. I am planning, writing, thinking and dreaming up my day. Part of my plan today is to write a blog post. I typically have 3-5 ideas swimming through my head on what I want to[…]

Feminine Energy and the Creative Journey

Mystery, letting go, wild, surrender, acceptance. These are the words that run through my blog lately. Why do I write so much about this on this website, a website devoted to you accessing your creative powers? Because, I believe deeply in the feminine mystery. All my paths of life have lead me here, from my[…]

The Mystery of Conception

Sometimes, I’d like to believe we live in a predictable world, a world that has many a +b = c  moments. But then I’d think, that predictability would be pretty freaking boring, right? Truth be told, there really isn’t much that is that predictable, anyways. As many of us know, our life can change in[…]

Now is your time: Create

I’m invoking the Wild Muse within me to prepare for my online Art History course. My muses name:Rose Candela. Before you go away because this seems to much like other fluffy stuff you may have read in the past I want to invite you to stay. Because, this feeling of finding one’s self is a[…]

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