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Unlock your answers

When I dive deep into myself, or as I like to say when I google scan my internal network of knowing, I find my answers. This is diving deep, this uncovering, this unlocking of self…this is at the core of what I do, and this is at the core of what my business practice contains:[…]

Pre-Pregnancy Planning: How will I know?

Pre-Pregnancy Planning For many of life’s changing stages, the change just happens to us. For instance, we turn 21–a milestone age in American culture, just by the natural process of aging. Granted, free will is a large part of all our milestones, but there are some that do just happen to us. But to decide[…]

Planning Pregnancy

When the topic of planning pregnancy is approached, it seems like there are a lot of hard and fast tips out there to get you and your body ready for conception. But what do you do when you know all the things ( ie: stop smoking/drinking, get on a healthy diet track, modify exercise…etc.) but[…]

Pregnancy and Fear

One huge way I round out my life being  working Artist is by coaching women through life before and during pregnancy. Check out my offerings for pregnancy coaching here: pregnancy coaching. I hear a lot about fear these days. Fear of the future, fear of making the right decisions, fear of making the wrong decisions.[…]

How to be a Wizard of Fear

Fear, you know what? I’ve got your back. I went to my first doula training workshop a few weeks ago. By this time, I have already been immersed in the required reading for a while. I have been to a birth. I have always been fascinated with the woman’s anatomy and physiology. So, I felt[…]

How to Change

Let me start with a question: How have you changed? WHAT? That is a doozy of a question, right?! Ok, I won’t throw a huge question like that at you anymore today…maybe. I have been pondering the idea of change after a recent conversation with my girlfriend. I was telling her a story about my[…]

Allow One thing Today

There are many ways we can open to the the concept of allowing in our daily life. For instance, I got a compliment recently and had to really, really, really pause and say thank you instead of no, I wasn’t that great. It felt really delightful to allow in that moment. The ultimate delight comes in knowing I am re-patterning the way[…]

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