Positive Thinking

The Mystery of Conception

Sometimes, I’d like to believe we live in a predictable world, a world that has many a +b = c  moments. But then I’d think, that predictability would be pretty freaking boring, right? Truth be told, there really isn’t much that is that predictable, anyways. As many of us know, our life can change in[…]

Love is Letting Go

Love is not clingy. Love is not about holding tight. Love is not dependency. Love is letting go. Dear one, I write this to you as an invitation. I write this as a lesson I’ve learned with loving myself. I think one of the reasons I became a doula and a mentor and an artist[…]

How to Make the Best out of the Worst

Being human, we are all part of the stuffs of life – love, heartache, careers, searching, success, failure…etc. And inherent in the stuffs of life are the best and the worst case scenarios. What if you could simply be free from the worst case scenarios? What if you could be rid of all that aches[…]

Planning Pregnancy

When the topic of planning pregnancy is approached, it seems like there are a lot of hard and fast tips out there to get you and your body ready for conception. But what do you do when you know all the things ( ie: stop smoking/drinking, get on a healthy diet track, modify exercise…etc.) but[…]

Living a Creative Life – My one Simple Step

On how living a creative life is achieved, but is the opposite of all I’ve done… Go. Hurry. Finish. To-do. Achieve. Be on time. Goals. Plans. Go. I am writing this blog post yoga class bliss. My friend, teacher, and a delightful influence in my life, Deirdre Smith-Gilmer has created a great community for exploring[…]

The Best Kept Secret for Public Speaking

I am back from the Big Easy, and that’s exactly how I am feeling. Easy. In the flow. Allowing. Relaxed. My husband, Jason, taught a great yoga class this morning on how leaving routine behind can really be refreshing, and upon returning to your day to day life, you have a new lens to look at everything In other[…]

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